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Health Benefits of Sea Crabs

Sea Crab

1. Improves Heart Health Crab meat is notably high in omega-3 fatty acids, while many people assume that all fats are bad, omega-3s actually balance cholesterol levels, reduce blood clotting, and promote anti-inflammatory activity. inflammation throughout the body. This can lower blood pressure, reduce stress on the heart, and prevent the development of atherosclerosis. 2. […]

Making Delicious Sautéed Sweet Cabbage With Garlic

Cabbage galic

Cabbage is easy to eat and rich in nutrients, so it is often used to transform into many different dishes, sauteed with garlic is one of those dishes. With simple ingredients, you have a delicious sauteed cabbage plate right away. Ingredients: 400g sweet cabbage Garlic Seasoning: seasoning, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, oyster sauce Instructions: Step […]

Braised Beef With Bread For A Nutritious Morning

Braised beef with bread

Braised beef is a dish that is not only delicious and attractive, but also helps to nourish the body because it contains a lot of protein, iron, zinc, and essential vitamins. This dish helps strengthen the immune system, support metabolism, prevent anemia, support fat metabolism. In addition to bread, braised beef can also be eaten […]

Instructions to Cook Delicious Spicy Thai Seafood Hot Pot

Seafood Hotpot

Ingredients: Please choose seafood that suits your family’s preferences: clams, fish, shrimp, squid, … 5 ounces of tube bone to simmer to make broth 3 ounces of enoki mushrooms, water spinach, celery, cabbage, bananas, celery. Lemongrass, chili, galangal, lime leaves 3 tomatoes Satay, cashew oil Spices: fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper Fresh lemon Fresh vermicelli […]