How to Cook Attractive Goat Hotpot Everyone Loves

Goat Hotpot

How to cook delicious goat hot pot requires a lot of spices and elaborate, but you can easily do it through Denver Pho’s recipes. Because goat hotpot is a popular dish and you can cook goat hotpot yourself at home, to reunite with the whole family on the weekend.


  • Goat meat: 1.5 kg
  • Goat bones: 1 kg
  • Anise: 3 petals
  • Cardamom: 1 fruit
  • Cinnamon: 1 piece
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ingredients to Put in the Goat Hot Pot

  • Tofu boat ky
  • Chao: 1/3 bottle
  • Vegetables: 1 kg
  • Shallot leaves: 0.5 kg
  • Taro: 500 kg
  • Lotus root: 200 gr
  • Shiitake mushrooms: 10 gr
  • Tofu: 2 covers
  • Egg noodles: as you like

Seasoning for Goat Hotpot

  • Satay
  • Curry
  • Fresh ginger
  • Salt, sugar, pepper, white wine


Step 1: Prepare Goat Hot Pot

  • Goat meat, you leave the whole piece, marinated with ginger and wine, for about half an hour (about 200 ml of white wine and 1 ginger root).
  • Goat bones are washed, covered with boiling water, then put in a pot, poured cold water, simmered for broth.
  • Star anise + cardamom + roasted cinnamon chi, put in a pot of broth.
  • You also roast the spices for aromatic herbs and then put them in the pot of broth.
  • You give a big teaspoon of curry (note that curry is water curry, specialized for rice noodles and goat hotpot, not dry powdered curry often used to make curries).
  • You bring to a boil, skim off the foam. From the time the water boils, about 60 minutes after the meat is cooked, take it out and soak it in cold water to prevent it from darkening. The bones are simmered for 2-4 hours to release all the fresh water and aromatic spices, and the Chinese medicine secretes nutrients. During that time we will prepare the other ingredients.
  • Next, you take out the goat meat (don’t wash it in cold water, guys, just put the wine and ginger in the marinade) and put it in the broth.

Step 2: Preliminary Preparation of Ingredients – Ingredients for Goat Hotpot

  • Noodles soak, take out to drain.
  • Vegetables and chives are prepared, washed, and cut into finger lengths. If you don’t have chives, you can also use chives.
  • Peeled taro, cut into pig’s hooves, or cut into small pieces, fried until it’s thin, this helps the taro when put in hot pot to be soft without being dissolved in water.
  • Tofu ki (also known as bean curd), cut into pieces with playing cards, fried and puffed.
  • Preliminarily cleaned lotus roots, cut into pieces horizontally, about 0.5 cm thick.
  • Soaked shiitake mushrooms, washed, removed feet.
  • Wash tofu, cut into squares.

Step 3: Prepare the Goat Hot Pot

  • After being filtered, the hot pot broth is poured into the pot.
  • Goat meat you take out and cut into square pieces (in the restaurant, it usually cools, put in the refrigerator to harden, then cut, the piece of meat will square into sharp edges, very beautiful).
  • Put a part of goat meat into the hot pot with: a part of taro + tofu ki + lotus root + shiitake + tofu, bring to a boil.
  • The meat and the rest of the ingredients are served with broccoli, chives, and noodles to gradually dip. If you can eat spicily, you can add satay, which is also very suitable for goat hot pot.