Instructions for Making Delicious Grilled Blood Cockles

Blood Cockles

Grilled blood cockles are simple to prepare but have a house-wide aroma and are extremely attractive. Today, let’s learn how to make this dish with Denver Pho to enrich your grilled seafood inventory.

Nutritional Value of Blood Cockles

Before coming to how to make grilled blood cockles, let’s find out in the end, what nutrients do blood cockles have. Blood cockle is a type of seafood that is processed into many dishes with many nutrients. Grilled cockles are a perfect way to prepare this seafood dish while ensuring the taste and preserving nutrients.

  • Effective treatment of asthenia, pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Cure heavy menstrual bleeding in women
  • Treat hypertension and obesity
  • Cure stomach pain, heartburn
  • Treat bloody stools
  • Cure orange teeth
  • Very good treatment for hematomas and bruises

Because blood cockles themselves contain a lot of magnesium, zinc, protein, omega-3, etc., eating cockles has many health benefits. The above uses and the effects that cockles can bring if you use it correctly.

How to Clean Blood Cockles

  • Method 1: Soak blood cockles with rice water or chili salt water for 1 to 2 hours after buying so that blood cockles can release all the mud inside. Use a brush to clean the shells of blood cockles, wash them with clean water and bring them to processing.
  • Method 2: Soak cockles with clean water and a little sesame oil, blood cockles will release all the residue contained inside. If you are only using the flesh for cooking, separate the blood cockle from the shell. Then use salt to rub to remove the slime of the blood cockle meat.
  • Method 3: Use large-grained salt to rub the shell of the cockle and wash it with clean water. However, this method can only remove the sand on the outside of the shell, not helping the oysters release all the residue inside. You should still do 1 of the 2 ways above to be able to completely clean the cockles.

Note When Eating Blood Cockles

  • Blood cockles live in muddy water, so they are very infected with harmful bacteria. Therefore, people with poor digestive system or prone to allergic reactions should consider before eating.
  • To ensure safety when buying blood cockles, please choose the freshest ones, prepare them carefully and cook them well before eating. Avoid eating raw or undercooked blood cockles.
  • Blood cockles contain high levels of retinol. This type of substance is closely related to birth defects in young children. Therefore, pregnant and postpartum women should not eat too many cockles.
  • Children with poor digestive system should not eat too many cockles because it is easy to cause poisoning and early sexual development.
  • Common symptoms of cockle allergy such as urticaria, angioedema, facial flushing, runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy nose, peeling skin on hands and feet,…

How to Make Grilled Blood Cockles With Onion Fat

Onion Fat

Step 1:

  • First, we will soak the oysters in dilute salt water for about 10 minutes. Then we use a brush to clean the shell and then wash it with clean water. Then take out the blood cockles to drain.
  • Next, we peel the dried onion and wash it thoroughly. Next, we cut the dried onion into thin slices to eat. As for the scallions, we wash them and then cut them into small pieces.

Step 2:

  • Heat the cooking oil and then add the chopped onions and fry until golden aroma. After the onions are golden and fragrant, we turn off the heat and then take out the onions to drain the oil.
  • Then we boil the cooking oil and fry the onions, then turn off the stove. After turning off the stove, we pour that cooking oil into the bowl and then put the chopped green onions in while the oil is still hot.
  • Next, we group the charcoal stove for pink and then put the scallops on the grill. Wait until the cockle opens its mouth, then we drizzle a little oil and scallions just above the meat of the cockle.

Step 3:

Just like that, the grilled blood cockle with onion fat was completed. Then we just need to put the grilled blood cockles on a plate and sprinkle a little fried onion on top and can enjoy. The pure taste of blood cockle combines with a little fat of cooking oil and the aroma of onion scent blends together to create an irresistible feeling. It’s quite simple to complete this dish, isn’t it, but rest assured, its simple but its taste will not make you regret it.