How to Make Delicious Beef at Home

Bo Ne

Bo Ne is a fairly popular dish, one of the delicious dishes from beef that you can completely make at home. With this dish, marinating the meat is very important to bring out the correct flavor of the dish. Invite you and Denver Pho to immediately refer to how to marinate beef and how to make beef jerky at home, simple but delicious.

What is a Bo Ne?

Bo Ne is a dish made from beef, eggs, pate, and some vegetables, served hot on a pan. Initially, the chef heats a cast-iron pan, butters the pan, then puts the marinated beef, adds pate on top, omelette, onion… Beef is undercooked. When served to diners, it is still boiling, so the cooking oil is easily splashed, so when eating, you have to “dodge”. Since then, the dish is called “beef”.

Many people easily confuse beef with steak. However, the steak will be much thicker than the beef jerky. Moreover, the style of enjoying steak is more luxurious and sophisticated. Beef jerky is a popular dish that anyone can enjoy. Depending on the place, there will be more and fewer ingredients and different ways of marinating beef.

How to Marinate Beef Jerky and How to Make Beef Jerky at Home

Marinating beef is not only for the meat to absorb spices, eat more delicious but also has the effect of limiting the fishy smell of raw meat. Besides, it helps the meat to be soft, moist, not too hard and dry when enjoying.

Here are instructions on how to make simple beef jerky at home.

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Step 1: Prepare Ingredients for Beef Dish

Bo Ne ingredients

  • 300g beef tenderloin
  • Chicken eggs: 1 egg
  • Bread: 1 piece
  • Pate
  • Potato, green onion, coriander, tomato, cucumber, optional lettuce, garlic, red onion
  • Spices: sugar, salt, pepper, sesame oil, oyster sauce, cooking oil or butter

Note: To have a delicious beef dish, you must definitely choose good beef. Delicious beef is usually bright red, the meat is soft and small, gently pressing the meat to see good elasticity. For old beef, there will be larger grain, darker color.

Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients

  • Wash beef, cut into thin pieces about 1 – 1.5cm (cut across the grain so that the beef is not tough).
  • Potatoes peeled, washed, cut into chunks for frying. Fry the potatoes until golden brown, then transfer to a plate with greaseproof paper.
  • Wash tomatoes, cut into circles.
  • Green onions, lettuce, coriander washed, drained
  • Wash cucumbers, thinly slice.
  • Pre-bought bread can be re-baked to keep it hot and crispy.

Step 3: How to Marinate Beef

  • First use paper towels to dry the water in the meat.
  • Next, you put the beef in a large bowl with the following seasonings: 2 tablespoons sesame oil + 1 tablespoon oyster sauce + 1 tablespoon minced garlic + 1 tablespoon minced shallot + 2 tablespoons soy sauce + ½ teaspoon sugar + ½ teaspoon pepper.
  • Mix well and marinate the meat for about 15-25 minutes.

Note: The secret here is to marinate the beef with soy sauce to make the beef tender and cook faster. We should not marinate with fish sauce or salt because it is easy to make beef hard, turning black, making the dish less attractive.

Step 4: Processing

Bo Ne

  • First heat the pan on the stove. This prevents the beef from becoming too watery during processing.
  • Then put a little butter (or cooking oil if you don’t have butter) in the pan and add the beef slices one by one. The high heat will help the beef to cook quickly and keep the sweet juice in the meat. Wait about 2 minutes, when the beef changes color, turn over to the other side.
  • Add to the pan with fries, pate, onion, tomato, etc. sprinkle some green onions and coriander on top and turn off the heat.

Step 5: How to Make Beef Sauce

The way to make sauce for beef jerky is very simple. You heat the pan, add a little oil, then add the chopped tomatoes and stir-fry, season with salt and pepper and add a little minced garlic. When the tomatoes are thick, turn off the heat. Pour the sauce over the beef and you’re done.

This dish is very delicious hot, often eaten with bread and cucumber. Cucumbers are eaten directly or mixed with a little sugar, salt, and vinegar for a sweet and sour taste.


  • Should marinate the beef first and then prepare other ingredients such as fried potatoes… to make the cooking time faster.
  • You can marinate with a little mayonnaise to make the beef more tender.
  • You can add sausages, or add or remove other ingredients depending on your preference.