How to Make Delicious Vegetarian Pancakes

Vietnamese vegetarian pancakes

The ingredients for the vegetarian banh beo are similar to the savory banh beo dishes, only the difference is in the dipping sauce and the seasoning layer served on top of the cake.


  • Rice flour, tapioca starch, water, salt.
  • Small earthenware or crockery bowl with a diameter of about 5cm
  • Steamed cake.
  • Cooking oil
  • Fresh chives
  • Crushed roasted peanuts
  • Crispy diced bread
  • Soy sauce (soy sauce) or vegetarian fish sauce
  • Fried onion, garlic, chili, pineapple (pineapple)
  • MSG, sugar.


  • Pre-mixed powder, which can be sold in plastic bags packaged with manufacturer’s labels, sold in supermarkets, markets or Binh Dinh specialty stores.
  • Or you can make your own from dry rice flour + tapioca flour + water + salt or you can also soak plain rice overnight and grind it with water….
  • This powder should be put in a mug with a spout or a kettle so that you can pour the Vegetarian Banh Beo powder into the banh beo cup while it’s in the steamer, with boiling water underneath because then the fire in the steamer is very hot. It’s difficult to scoop up each ladle of flour into the cup without burning your hands or spilling the dough out, both clouding the steamer and wasting flour.
  • Boil the steamer, put the cups in the basket, pour the flour into the bowl, cover the lid, wait about 10 minutes for the cake to cook, take each cup out and pour another batch. Keep doing this until you run out of dough. The finished product must be clear, flexible, and swirly in the heart of the cake, so the cake will be delicious.

How to Make Vegetarian Banh Beo Dipping Sauce?

If choosing soy sauce, it is usually mixed as follows: Soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, chili pepper and crushed lemongrass. Mix everything together and then add soy sauce, and finally, there will be a vegetarian dipping sauce for delicious vegetarian pancakes