How to Make Traditional Gotu Kola

Gotu kola

The most popular way to make delicious gotu kola juice is in the traditional way. This method is quick and simple, without adding many ingredients.

As long as the ingredients are delicious gotu kola and rock sugar, we quickly have a refreshing and cooling drink that is good for the body. This traditional way of making the drink gives the drink the full flavor of gotu kola, which is very suitable for those who love the unique flavor of gotu kola.


  • 100g centella asiatica
  • Sand sugar or rock sugar
  • A little salt
  • 500ml cooled boiled water


  1. Pick the clean gotu kola, remove the yellowed and old leaves. Pay attention to pick up dry grass or leaves mixed with vegetables. Rinse the vegetables several times with cold water. Soak vegetables in dilute salt water for a few minutes, then remove and drain.
  2. Mix sugar with water, bring to a boil and cool. This way will help us make water faster and more delicious.
  3. Gotu kola has been drained, cut gotu kola into small pieces, so the grind will be faster and the vegetables will not get caught in the blade of the blender.
  4. Put water in the blender about 1/3 of the mortar, add a few grains of salt and add about 1/3 of gotu kola. Grind gotu kola slightly crushed, add further ground gotu kola. Every 1.5-2 minutes, you should stop grinding, do not grind for a long time to make gotu kola juice yellow and reduce the taste.
  5. Centella asiatica is finished grinding, filter it through a sieve, or use a mesh bag to remove the residue. Depending on your preference for thick or liquid drink, you can add cooled boiled water to adjust.
  6. Add sugar water to gotu kola juice to taste, add ice and enjoy.