Nutritional Value From Pho

Nutritional value from pho

Many people love to eat pho and often eat pho. But few people know that there are many nutrients in a bowl of pho. How to use a pho cooker to create quality is also very important.

Rich in Protein and Potassium

In beef, there is a very large amount of protein that has the effect of metabolizing and synthesizing food. People who are sick eating pho will quickly regain their health. That’s why people who are sick are often replenished with pho. The amount of potassium in beef supports muscle growth, especially for bodybuilders.

Rich in Vitamins

Beef noodle soup provides a large number of vitamins for the body, especially in beef noodle soup, there is a lot of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 works to build the body’s immune system, helping to fight some diseases.

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Copious Amounts of Iron

According to scientific studies on nutrition, the average adult male needs 8.7 mg of iron a day. Women need 14.8 mg of iron per day. If the amount of iron in other foods you eat during the day does not provide enough iron for the body’s needs, when eating beef you do not have to worry about iron deficiency anymore.

Rich in Protein, Carbohydrates, Ammonia Acid

The noodles are not only chewy but also contain more protein and carbohydrates than other foods. Scientific studies show that beef contains more ammonia acid than other foods such as pork, chicken… These nutrients are very beneficial to health and help develop toned muscles in men.


Overwork, fatigue, headaches, thinking a lot, staying up late… are all reasons that lead to a debilitating state of the body. A bowl of pho with full of nutrients will help you stay awake and healthy.