Simple and Delicious Chicken Pho Recipe

Chicken Pho

With simple ingredients, home-made chicken Pho has a sweet broth, fragrant and succulent chicken as attractive as a restaurant.


  1. Prepare ingredients: Onions, washed onions, fragrant grilled ginger. Pickled coriander washed (retained roots are washed and added to the broth for fragrance if there are no coriander seeds), scallions are washed (white root part is split vertically, green leaves are chopped), lemon leaves are sliced.
  2. Preliminary preparation of chicken: Clean chicken, rub with salt, wash lemon. Peel off the chicken fat from the belly and sauté it to get chicken fat, add a little turmeric powder to spread the chicken after boiling to make it more beautiful and attractive.
  3. Boil chicken: Put the chicken in a thick pot, fill with water or at least 2/3 of the chicken, add 2-3 crushed dried onions, 1 small ginger branch, 1 tablespoon salt. When boiling, lower heat and boil the chicken for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover and braise the chicken for 25-30 minutes depending on the size of the chicken.
  4. Filter and slice chicken: When the chicken is cooked, take it out and soak it in boiling water to cool, add a little ice to make the skin crispy. Cool chicken, take out and pat dry, spread turmeric chicken fat to create a beautiful golden color, filter the thinly sliced ​​meat horizontally, keeping the skin more beautiful. You can shred the meat according to your preference.
  5. Broth: After the chicken bones are filtered, put in a pot of broth and continue to simmer to sweeten the water. Add grilled onion, roasted ginger, roasted coriander seeds, simmer over low heat, skimming occasionally, open the lid to help clear the broth. After 2 hours, remove all bones, onions, ginger and coriander seeds. Season to taste again with fish sauce, salt, and seasoning seeds according to taste. If you don’t have coriander seeds, you should take advantage of washed coriander roots, put them close to when the broth is almost reached to get the aroma.
  6. Presentation and taste: Blanch pho in each bowl, add chicken, blanched bean sprouts, split onions, chopped scallions, coriander, and simmering broth. Sprinkle a little more lime leaves and enjoy.


  • Should boil and combine with soaking chicken to help the chicken to be succulent and sweet without red bones.
  • When simmering the broth, it is necessary to lower the heat, opening the lid a little is the secret to keeping the broth clear.
  • Depending on taste, rock sugar can be added to sweeten the broth.